In an era where capturing outcries is something so natural , the need to capture more and more of them is a common phenomenon. Photography showcases skills both seen and unseen. Every photograph captured is with an intention to convey a story to the audience. Photography ia hobby, that is considered fashionable and something that the youth cater to. Photography comprises of different niches and a photographer chooses one field of specialization. And therefore, for an amateur photographer to choose their specific field of focus, one needs to know the various types of photography that exists in the very first place. And hence here is a list of types that one can draw inspiration from:-

1.Fashion photography and food photography

One of the most common types, fashion and food photography is most likely used to market and attract it’s customers to their products. Fashion photography is interesting, with beautiful subjects and taken in locations such as a studio, outdoors or an apartment. A fashion photographer needs to be open to new ideas and prepared with regards to location , equipment , lighting , etc. Food photography is used most commonly in hotels , websites and by bloggers. Food photography does not use flash , but natural light to obtain the real elements in the dish. Fashion and food together is also a great combination by Gretchen Roehrs. Must check out the page!

2. Interior photography and architectural photography

Interior photography refers to pictures not of the whole ,but view of space, colour , light inside the home. The pictures could be of opera houses, palaces, churches and other lavished buildings .Focuses on angles and composition in the most abstract form. Make sure there is enough of lighting , mostly natural, because it is all indoors. A very popular type of photography, architectural is a representation of structures . Mostly related to form, shape and colour. Interior and exterior is a part of the architectural photography. Two challenges this time of photography may face is , lighting and image distortion.

3. Documentary photography and candid photography

Documentary photography centres around a particular subject or a story that a photographer wished to talk about. The topics range from social issues bro war, science v, sports, etc. You have to make sure you let the pictures tell the story . Typically covered in professional photojournals , or by an amateur, academic, artistic pursuit. Candid photography refers to spontaneous photographs .These are random clicks when the subject is not posing and is natural and relaxed. Wedding photographs are usually candid. When these shots are pit together, they create a wonderful blend of photos, covering a beautiful story.

4 . Wedding photography and wildlife photography

Wedding photography is an example of candid photography. The most needed and compulsory type , these images are portraits . They happen underwater, on hilltops and go to any extent to get the perfect shot. The couple is spotted in a white dress and suit , varying across tradition. These stay as a remembrance of your finest memories. Wildlife photography on the other hand, refers to filming animals in their natural habitat. These photographers need to be knowledgeable and highly skilled and therefore, comes as a rewarding profession. If you are not quick, you miss the shot. Therefore, you need to know your camera well.


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