Whether you’ve just purchased a camera or you cherish clicking pictures anyway, the art of photography is a skill that one learns over time. Spotting beautiful scenic moments is what viewers on social media sites long to see. You may not always be able to control the conditions under which you take a photograph . But all you need is a little perspective. The best part of having this hobby is that you never run out of things to learn. Moreover, it’s never too late to learn. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, here are a few basic tips that will help you polish your skills:-

  1. Shoot daily

Practice makes a man perfect. For a skill like being a photographer , will only help you work on your skills . Spending hours behind your camera, is still never too much. Have a camera on you all the time , you never know when you spot the best scene for a perfect picture. Spontaneous clicks are always unique and beautiful. A study states that, capturing a picture everyday and posting it online improves your well- being . The more you do it , the better you get at it.

  1. Avoid shaking the camera

Blurry pictures are something a professional or even a begginer may experience. Don’t move your camera too much. Here are ways you can avoid doing that. Firstly, you need to learn how to hold the camera. Make sure you use both your hands and adjust the lens and light. Set on autofocus mode. Use a tripod or monopod wherever and whenever necessary. Learn about terms like focal length, shutter speed, aperture and various other related settings.

  1. Adjust the lighting

Adjusting to the light , is one of the most important tips that a photographer must learn. Before, you point your camera , notice where the light is actually coming from. You need to master the skill of how to make efficient use of the light. Whether it is the light coming from the sun or any artificial source, you can use it to make your photos better. Notice how the light interacts with the scene and the subject. You can use it to either highlight a area or cast shadows, the choice is up to you. Another pro tip would be, don’t use flash indoors or can use it in daylight too. 

  1. Perspective in place

The right perspective is a necessity. Do whatever you are expected to, to get the right click. If you are needed to lie down , crouch, or rose slightly above position. Change your perspective according to changing dynamics. Be aware of all the elements in your picture. Keep the background simple. Don’t confuse your audience with too much to look sure. Using a sense of depth will work wonders. The viewer will feel as though they are a part of your picture.

  1. Holding an amazing personality

In order for you to make the subject feel better, you need to possess a bubbly and humorous personality. Make jokes often. Keep smiling whenever needed. Stay patient and provide a listening ear to your subject. Capturing the best shot , will require a tremendous amount of effort and time. Also, make eye contact  and respect your subject.


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