A job description is never enough. You need to figure out what you want and see if your traits match the needs of the job. Of you aspire to be a photographer means that you genuinely enjoy capturing spontaneous and unique moments. And it’s never too late to start or learn something new. This is one profession where you don’t really” work”. There’s something different to experience every passing day. You can stay an amateur and let it just be an hobby. If you really want to make it your profession , here’s how you get into the business. Following are basic steps on how to go about being a photographer:-

1.Focus and educate yourself

When you choose of taking something as a career, make sure you have a definite plan and a set goal. Staying focused is really important. This will help you not only get distracted by several other options that come your way, but also excel in your area of specialization. With regards to education there are various programmes that are designed to match a students need. The need to know your camera is absolutely necessary. Research camera technology and gain tips by reading newspapers, magazines and books that will keep you updated. Also, as a photographer you are expected to learn to use editing softwares .

2. Take up internships

In order to learn how to interact with subjects , clients  and partially experience the world of photography , you are most likely advised to take up an internship. First step would be to create a portfolio in order to get hired. Choose photographs from multiple shoots that you can use. Learn to be a ‘peoples person’. Explore various areas of photography before you stick to live area of specialization. Interning with a professional photographer will provide you first hand experience. Your mentor will address to every query personally at that moment itself.

4. Step up business level and learn to manage it

After you create a portfolio its time you market your business. Talk it out, meet with clients or create a website. Whatever job offer comes your way ,accept it . Even though it may be out of your comfort zone, a little experience caused no one any harm. Advertise your business  on all platforms ,all the time. Seek constant advice . Keep your work , documents and files organized. Manage your accounts and expenses. Make sure you do everything legally , like creating a contract and setting your rates reasonably based on the market and skills.

5. Know the challenges and setback

Moving from amateur to a professional photographer will surely be a difficult transition. Photographers face several challenges with  regards to money , clients, piracy and others , but you must be persistent . Competition with other photographers , the degrading respect for the profession , high cost of equipment , etc. Also, there will come pressure by families to take up multiple tasks . Don’t give up. If you love what you do, nothing can stop you.


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