Photographs are something that fascinate both the young and the old. The youth are attracted to the social media because of its very content, being photographs. One is so lost in the world of images , by the innumerable pictures taken everyday. What one needs to notice however, is that every picture conveys a story. A story that the photographer tries to bring out to the audience. The power of photography , has been existing since olden times. And today, with the influence of technology , it is only getting more recognition. Here are a few best pictures of all times by the most famous photographers and a short description associated with it:-

  1. V-J Day in Times Square ,Alfred Eisenstaedt, 1945

Photography captures both joy and anguish. Alfred Eisenstaedt , a photographer, in August 1945 found himself on the streets of New York city . When the World War 2 just ended. As he searched for subjects , he found a sailor who grabbed a woman by the waist, tilted her back and kissed her. This was while his future wife was just a few steps away from them. This image has become one of the most famous pictures of the 20 the century. The name of the kisser is still not known . But several people have claimed to be it.

  1. Earthrise, William Anders, 1968

William Anders was an astronaut from NASA who took the first full colour view of our planet in the year 1968. During the Apollo 8 mission . It is a combination of the Blue Marble photo and Earthrise image.. The Earthrise photograph was not on the mission schedule, bit was taken in a moment of serendipity. William Anders saw this from the perspective of being in orbit about the lunar equator.

  1. The migrant mother, Dorothea Lange,1936

The US government FSA had raised awareness to protect impoverished farmers. At the Peer Pickers camp , Dorothea Lange kept going for 20 miles when she noticed Frances Owen , a desperate mother . The 32 year old sold her car tires for food because they had been living on frozen vegetables and the crops had died. Lange believes that on close observation of the photograph, you can notice the sadness in the mother’s eyes. It turned out to be one of the best pictures of the Depression , an icon of suffering and plight.

  1. Fire escape collapse, Stanley Foreman, 1975

This photo earned Forman the Pulitzer prize and led to implement strict fire escape laws. Many viewers call this picture disturbing . Stanley Forman , worked for the Boston Herald American , had got a call about fire on the Marlborough Street . As he reached there , the fire escape have away and Diana and her goddaughter were in air. Forman was able to capture this moment using a motor drive camera.

  1. Heart surgeon after 23 hour long heart transplant, James Stanfield ,2014

Tadeusz Zitkevits , the patient who received the transparent , after 25 years holds the picture taken by James Stanfield that portrays the patient resting and the surgeon sitting beside him , while the assistant is fast asleep. The fatigue and anxiousness on the face of the surgeon amidst the cables is what you notice. The or proves that it is possible to achieve the impossible. It could be exhausting, but the testimony of the patient proves it to be a success.


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