Photography is not just about creating a moment, but it is about capturing one. It is also done with the imagination and thoughts that are going on in your mind. 

If you want to soak your soul in the blissful art of nature, these beautiful places in India will allow you to narrate your own beautiful story in your albums.

The best photography locations in India are:- 

Jammu and Kashmir 

Each destination in Jammu and Kashmir offers an opportunity to capture the unique and gorgeous scenes of nature. Shrines and the beautiful valley with waterfalls and lakes make it an amazing destination for photography. The experience of the houseboats and the tranquil spots flaunting with the best art of nature is what makes Kashmir the mini Switzerland of India.

Jim Corbett

It is the oldest national park in India well known to protect the endangered Bengal tiger. It is located in Nainital district of Uttarakhand. This wildlife sanctuary is the best hot-spot for the ones who are nature and animal lovers. It has an astounding variety of landscapes between the Himalayas and the terai, and the streams and the ridges. The most attractive places to visit here for beautiful photography are Dhikuli, Treks and Kalagarh Dam. The Jungle walk in the Jim Corbett gives alluring photography undoubtedly with the most beautiful backgrounds.

Arunachal Pradesh

It is called the “Orchid State of India” with stunning landscapes filled with serene beauty. The best places for photography here are :

 Tawang – It offers a perfect blend of nature and culture and is the most attractive tourist place with vibrant Buddhist monasteries. The beautiful scenic lakes surrounded all around makes it a perfect holiday destination for all. 

Ziro valley – It is a beautiful valley located in the Himalayan foothills with amazing photogenic spots. It is located in the Lower Subansiri. It is a paradise for adventure seekers as well as cultural vultures.

Sela Pass – It is a mountain pass with an elevation of 13,700 feet. It is considered as a sacred pass for Buddhists, and it is believed that there are 101 lakes around it. Snow covers this pass throughout the year, and it remains open for the tourists in all seasons. Pictures with snow around you make it more beautiful and enhance the beauty around you. 


It is known as the “land of kings” with its unforgettable Royal history. Even though it is surrounded by desserts, it offers rich landscapes that are famous across the world. It’s an alluring, appealing and mesmerizing place to visit for photography. The places for best photography in Rajasthan are Jodhpur (for cultural photography), Udaipur (for Architectural photography), Pushkar (for wildlife and cultural photography), Jaisalmer (for landform, nature and culture photography), Mount Abu ( the hill station in Rajasthan to click green pictures) and Alwar ( important place to spot many architectural marvels and sunset spots). 

Conclusion : 

The above places mentioned is a summary of all the places, for amazing pictures which include mountains, snow, greenery, architecture, lakes, parks, different houses and tranquil spots. For outdoor photography, these are the basic and most important features which can enhance your pictures with the essence of nature and natural lights in it.


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